Slack slinks offline due to mystery outage

27 Jun 2018

Image: WayHome Studio/Shutterstock

Is the millennial world in meltdown as popular messaging platform investigates connectivity issues?

Slack, where work normally happens, is not working today (27 June) as a mystery outage has caused young workers to have to communicate and collaborate in ye old ways, such as email or using their voices.

The platform, an acronym for Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge, went offline with no warning except for a notice: ‘Connectivity issues affecting all workspaces.’

The normally robust chat platform’s problems are not characteristic at all but are reminiscent of the old ‘fail whale’ blip that haunted Twitter in its early days when its servers reached capacity.

“We’ve received word that all workspaces are having troubles connecting to Slack. We’re currently investigating the issue, and will have updates shortly,” Slack said in a statement on its website.

When work doesn’t happen

The problems were understood to have begun this morning at 10.25am in the UK and the system was restored shortly after that. However, around 2.20pm, the system screeched to a halt and was still down at the time of writing (3.45pm).

The problems appear to be occurring chiefly in Europe and on the east coast of the US.

According to Slack’s latest figures, there are now more than 8m daily active users across more than 500,000 organisations that use the platform. The company has more than 3m paid users, and 65pc of companies in the Fortune 100 are paid Slack users.

More than 70,000 paid teams with thousands of active users connect in Slack channels across departments, borders and oceans.

Hopefully this outage is just a blip for the service that has proudly boasted 100pc uptime.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years