Flickr snappers are in with a chance to make cash

18 Jun 2010

Social-networking site Flickr has expanded its relationship with Getty Images to allow all users to have an opportunity to license their photos and possibly make some money.

Getty Images has already been tapping into more than 100,000 photos taken by professional and semi-professional users of Flickr.

Starting today in the Flickrverse, Flickr members and visitors can work with each other through a new licensing programme with Getty Images called “Request to License”.

“We’ve built this program on the success of our launch of the Flickr Collection on Getty Images just over one year ago,” Flickr said.

How it works

Clicking the “Request to License” link will take users to their settings page where they can decide if they would like to join the “Request to License” programme.

If they join, their public photo page will include a “Request to License” link.

“When a prospective licensee sees an image marked for license, they can click on the link and be put in touch with a representative from Getty Images who will help handle details like permissions, releases and pricing,” Flickr stated.

“Once reviewed, the Getty Images editors will send you a FlickrMail to request to license your work, either for commercial or editorial usage. The decision to license is always yours,” Flickr added.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years