HTC may be developing GoPro-like extreme sports camera

12 Sep 2014

HTC is reportedly working on a new extreme sports camera similar in concept to the GoPro that will allow the company to widen its product range from just mobile phones.

Bloomberg reported the company has wanted to diversify its range after solely producing phones over the last three years. An official HTC spokesperson refused to comment on the matter.

In terms of the supposed specifications of this camera, it will be wearable, have a resolution of 16MP, and will also feature a wide-angle lens for maximum image capturing.

It is also expected to be able to connect to both Android and iOS operating systems.

As for shape, it will be tube-shaped and will be connectable over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi that could be connected to a phone via an HTC app.

The as-yet unnamed camera is expected to be announced at a press event scheduled for 8 October. Little information has been released about the event, other than the headline ‘double exposure’.

If it is indeed to be an extreme sports camera, HTC is facing stiff competition from GoPro. Arguably the leader in its field, GoPro raised US$427m in an IPO last June.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic