releases Grand Theft Auto 5 too early

16 Sep 2013

There have been red faces at Amazon and Rock Star Games after it emerged that Amazon UK accidentally broke a strict embargo and released the game over the weekend to eager fans.

The eagerly awaited video game – made by Scottish brothers Dan and Sam Houser’s Rock Star Games – is believed to be the most expensively made game of all time, costing US$250m to make, and is expected to reap sales of US$1bn in the game’s first week on sale.

The game is set to be available tomorrow, 17 September.

However, it emerged over the weekend that some fans were shipped copies over the weekend.

Rock Star Games is understood to be investigating the early sales, according to

High-street retail outlets received their copies of the game on Saturday with strict instructions not to begin selling before tomorrow.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years