Doom reboot teaser features three seconds of footage

18 May 2015

A new instalment of the hugely-influential first-person shooter Doom has been in development hell for years, but the series creators id Software may finally be getting somewhere with the release of a teaser that showcases some of the game.

It is a very, very short trailer mind, only revealing about three seconds of footage. They are, however, a super-grisly, super-intense three seconds, featuring the reloading of a double-barreled shotgun (iconic Doom imagery) and a demon with a shoulder-mounted missile launcher strapped to it. Scroll down to watch.

This new edition is a reboot of the 1993 original, which saw players take up the role of an unnamed Mars-stationed space marine who must battle his way through hoards and hoards of Hell’s creatures. Judging from the new clip, this game – also simply called Doom – is very close in spirit to the old versions. The creature we see seems based on a Revenant, which was first featured back in Doom 2.

There’s no release date confirmed yet for the game, but id have confirmed it will be a part of the E3 gaming expo next month, so expect more details to be released then.

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic