One in three iOS devices are iPod Touches

7 Sep 2010

App production studio and industry analyst asymco has calculated that 37.7pc of all iOS sales are iPod Touches.

The figure was worked out by adding the 59.6 million iPhone sales and the 3.2 million iPad sales through to June together.

It was then assumed that about 8 million iPhones and 4 million iPads were sold in August and July. This, too, was added to the previous total.

They subtracted that figure from the 120 million iOS devices sold to date, a number given by Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the recent Apple presentation last Wednesday.

This resulted in the total number of iPod Touch sales as 45.2 million.

“The expansion of iPhone distribution plus the addition of iPad has reduced the platform footprint for the iPod, but it’s still a sizable chunk,” asymco said in a post on its website.

“More than one in three iOS units in use are non-cellular devices. As the iPad rolls, that number could move toward 50pc.”

Jobs lauds iPod Touch

Jobs has claimed in the same presentation that the iPod Touch is the “most popular portable game player in the world”, outselling the Nintendo DS and the PlayStation Portable combined.

The figure has been put into question, as the amount of iOS devices sold is 120 million, whereas the combined sales of the Nintendo DS range has gone beyond the 130-million mark. Sony has sold 60 million PSPs to date.

The quote could be referring to gaming app sales as opposed to unit sales, as Jobs also noted that more than 1.5 billion games and entertainment apps have been downloaded to iPod Touch devices.