Public pans Rebecca Black’s second single

22 Jul 2011

Oh, boy, here we go again. My Moment, the second single by Friday singer Rebecca Black, seems to be repeating history, being disliked, just like its predecessor. It’s only been out for four days, but already the video for My Moment has received more than 300,000 dislikes on YouTube.

The official music video for My Moment that is up on YouTube has been viewed 10,150,308 times, received 307,150 dislikes and 169,205 likes at time of writing.

But is this because the song and video are actually bad, or because anything Black does after the release of the much-reviled Friday is expected to be bad?

The comments below the video on YouTube are mixed, with a few users posting that the song has been auto tuned and others commenting it’s better than Friday.

Over on Twitter, users have been just as divided.

OK Magazine tweeted, “CHEESE alert: Rebecca Black has released a new single/video – it’s hysterical.”

“Best parts in Rebecca Black’s new video is the little gestures and faces she makes showing her sense of humour,” another user tweeted.

The writers of My Moment are Quinton Tolbert and Brandon “Blue” Hamilton, who has co-produced a Justin Bieber song.

The video charts 14-year-old Black’s “story of her sudden rise to fame,” a statement said. It includes real-life footage.

The new video and single are available for download through Black’s website, iTunes and other online shops.

Black is reportedly going to release a five-song EP next month.

The video for Friday went viral once it was posted on YouTube in March, and came under harsh criticism globally. The Independent in the UK pegged it “the worst song ever” and the majority of feedback on Twitter was negative towards the video and the simplistic lyrics of the song. Internet search giant Yahoo has even asked, “Is YouTube sensation Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ the worst song ever?”

The video drew 167m views on YouTube before it was removed from the website last month because of a legal dispute over who owns the rights to the song.

Curious what all the fuss is about? Watch the video for My Moment here:

Rebecca Black video for My Moment