Day 3: Entrepreneurship

21 Apr 2010

The green shoots may not be visible but the seeds are being sown. New businesses are being founded and existing businesses are being re-focused and re-formed. Entrepreneurship is not just for start-ups, it’s for all the owner-managers who are stepping up and embracing change, identifying new business opportunities and new markets or going after existing markets in a new way.

Day 3 of Digitise the Nation looks at Business Entrepreneurship in Ireland’s online marketplace. Some businesses are expanding into new online markets while others are forging brand new paths through e-commerce. We want to share success stories of Irish entrepreneurs who have proven that finding online markets is the way forward. We’ve passed the point of early adopters transacting business online. The late majority are now coming online and the model has moved from push to pull. 

Consumers are now increasingly setting the pace, creating demand for online solutions. Offline businesses are now online. Internet entrepreneurship is not just about the pure-play players, but about those offline businesses who are using the technology to manage loyalty and service.

If you’ve set up a new online business in 2010, please tell us and we will record its date of birth in our DTN10 Digital Time Capsule.


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