Nissan LEAF will feature Windows Automotive

21 Oct 2010

Technology giants Microsoft has announced its latest technology will feature in the upcoming Nissan LEAF electric car.

The announcement for the Windows Embedded Automotive 7 technology, which is the latest version of the Microsoft platform used by Ford, Kia and Fiat for their in-car entertainment systems, was made at the SAW Convergence 2010 Conference and Exhibition.

This infotainment push in vehicle technologies will see the touchscreen information hub in the Nissan LEAF (leading, environmentally friendly, affordable, family car) run on Windows Embedded Automotive technology. It will provide integrated services for communication, entertainment, navigation and information for passengers. It will also provide drivers and passengers with a navigation system and electricity charging station locator, while sharing power consumption monitoring information with drivers, and enabling easy in-car climate monitoring.

In-vehicle infotainment systems

“Microsoft deeply understands that technology collaboration is paramount to the evolution of integrated, in-vehicle infotainment systems,” said Kevin Dallas, general manager of the Windows Embedded Business Unit at Microsoft.

“We are excited to create new opportunities with Windows Embedded Automotive 7 working with our broad ecosystem of partners to bring the best in entertainment and productivity solutions to drivers and passengers around the world.”

The Nissan LEAF is a five-seater family car powered by compact lithium-ion batteries, the LEAF with regenerative braking, smooth aerodynamics and low-energy headlights.

The LEAF has the performance of a 1.6-litre petrol-engine and can be recharged to 80pc battery capacity in around 25 minutes from a fast charging point

The LEAF goes on sale in Ireland in 2011.