Call for VAT-free scheme for PCs

2 May 2008

In order to stimulate computer usage and help turn Dublin into a ‘knowledge city’, the first female CEO of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce, Gina Quin, has called for the introduction of a VAT-free scheme for computer buyers.

Quin, who previously held board positions with Bord Bia, the Custom House Dock Development Authority and Dublin City Development Board, also called for a directly elected Mayor of Dublin and a direct link between local taxes and local usage/benefits.

She said that a programme of tax incentives to repatriate potential principal investigators to lead important research programmes in Ireland was needed.

Quin also cited the need for higher education institutes to concentrate on building centres of excellence “rather than spreading resources thinly across the country.”

Quin was speaking on the occasion of being honoured as ‘2008 Alumnus of the Year’ by the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School. Quin graduated from UCD with an MBA in 1989, having previously graduated with a BA in psychology.

Addressing North American business leaders, Quin emphasised the need to invest in Dublin to build it into a leading knowledge city.

“Increased funding in Dublin would simulate national growth, support Ireland’s national economy and serve to accelerate regional growth.

“There is a clear case for government policy, at both a regional and local level, to embrace a vision of Dublin as a ‘knowledge city’ capable of competing on a global stage and attracting skilled human capital to locate here,” Quin said.

By John Kennedy

Pictured: Gina Quin, chief executive of Dublin Chamber of Commerce