Google service disruption affecting some Drive, email and Apps users

17 Apr 2013

As of about 2pm today, Google Apps’ email, Drive, Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations services have been experiencing service disruptions that seem to have affected some but not all users, leaving them without access to files and emails.

The Apps Status Dashboard shows that the disruption began at the close of lunchtime today and is ongoing. While Drive, Docs and Google Mail apps are orange-lit as disrupted, the admin control panel and API is experiencing a service outage as of 1.20pm.

The Google Apps team is investigating the problem and an update is promised before 4pm Irish time. At this stage, users in the US would just be waking up or getting started at work only to discover these issues.

Though it’s reported that less than 1pc of users are affected by this outage, many of them are turning to Twitter to voice their frustrations.

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic