Oudlesvault.com puts a new spin on data protection

4 Mar 2011

Ventisys, a software-as-a-service company incorporated by Joe Morrissey and Jon Gymer, is launching a new product called Oudlesvault.com to allow companies to secure data on laptops and PCs.

“Our objective from the outset was to allow people and organisations to use advanced encryption in a simple manner to become compliant with data protection law,” explains Morrissey.

“If a laptop is lost or stolen, with Oudlesvault.com we can wipe data beyond forensic recovery, regardless of whether the thief reconnects to the web. All files are secured and replicated securely to the cloud. Compliance to data protection law is easily demonstrated as Oudlesvault.com allows users to generate a report of what was on board the machine but is now destroyed.”

At present, Ventisys is building up case studies with several companies in the financial services sector and in medical records.

“The reason we came up with the product was that solutions existed for encrypting data and when companies had to sit with the Data Protection Commissioner there was no way of proving what was on board and whether it was decrypted or encrypted.

“Having operated in semi-stealth mode up until now, we are going to have the product independently tested by a third party, and will launch it as a SaaS on the web in the first half of this year,” Morrissey explains.

“We designed the product to address the custodial needs of data, in other words, data relating to customers, but it can also safeguard a company’s proprietary information, such as trade secrets and sales and marketing pipelines.”

Ventisys took part in Enterprise Ireland’s Propel programme in 2009 and Morrissey says the agency has been a “good help” on the Oudlesvault.com journey so far.

Ventisys was one of the five emerging new businesses recognised at the SFA National Small Business Awards last night.

Article courtesy of Bizstartup.ie