Weekend takeaway: Your privacy, your data and you

16 Mar 2018

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In our round-up of essential sci-tech reading for the weekend, everything you ever wanted to know about privacy and GDPR (but forgot to ask).

GDPR: 10 easy steps all organisations should follow


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Sara Degli-Esposti and Maureen Meadows of Coventry University outline 10 key things organisations need to know ahead of GDPR.

Privacy by default: GDPR will change the rules of marketing forever

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The biggest change that GDPR will bring will be in the balance of power between consumers and brands, writes John Kennedy.

What can the public actually request once GDPR becomes law?

We’ve heard a lot about how companies can prepare themselves for the arrival of GDPR, but what does it mean to the person on the street?

GDPR as Gaeilge: William Fry explains the new data rules in Irish

Leo Moore, William Fry

Leo Moore. Image: William Fry

From ‘sonraí pearsanta’ to ‘cearta leasaithe’, William Fry covers the GDPR basics as Gaeilge.

The future of GDPR: Compliance beyond the deadline

GDPR fines

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While the 25 May deadline is a useful benchmark, GDPR compliance needs to be a constant process.

Individual rights and GDPR: What can organisations expect?

GDPR individual rights

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Will GDPR lead to a slew of access requests from data subjects?

GDPR and the evolution of data protection

GDPR and the evolution of data protection

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The road to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation has been a game of catch-up with legislation responding to shifts in the technological landscape.

Fact or fiction? 8 common GDPR myths

golden egg

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Henry Cazalet of The SMS Works discusses some of the most common misconceptions around the upcoming GDPR.

How will GDPR affect me as an employee?

Nicola Flannery risk advisory senior manager, Deloitte on GDPR

Nicola Flannery, risk advisory senior manager, Deloitte. Image: Deloitte

GDPR has been talked about for months, and we know businesses and employers really need to think about it. But what about employees?

What skills does a GDPR data protection officer need?

What skills does a GDPR data protection officer need?

Image: Madcat_Madlove

GDPR now requires many organisations to appoint a data protection officer, but how do you pick the most suitable candidate for the role?