Apple creates 2TB iCloud storage tier ahead of iPhone 7 launch

31 Aug 2016387 Views

The new 2TB service comes just ahead of the launch of iOS 10 and new iPhone 7 generation devices

Apple has beefed up its iCloud storage offering with a new 2TB service ahead of the launch of the new generation of iPhone 7 devices in September.

On 7 September, Apple will unveil its new iPhone line-up, along with the next-generation Apple Watch.

Apple’s newest mobile operating system, iOS 10, is also due for release.

It is clear Apple wants steadfast and loyal users to hit the ground running in terms of apps and services and has unveiled a new 2TB plan, its largest plan yet.

Up until now, the largest tier was 1TB.

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At 2TB, this storage is 16-times larger than the 128GB of storage you can muster on an iPhone.

But it won’t come cheap.

According to an update on Apple’s customer support pages, the new 2TB storage plan will cost €19.99 per month.

Across the board, Apple’s iCloud storage tiers for iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod touch and PC are now 50GB (99 cents per month), 200GB (€2.99 per month), 1TB (€9.99 per month) and 2TB (€19.99 per month).

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