Apple offers refund to recent iPad buyers

3 Mar 2011

Did you just buy a first-generation iPad and are now disgruntled by the fact the iPad 2 has just been announced? Fret not, Apple is allowing customers who purchased an iPad in the last two weeks to return their device to Apple or request a stg£100 refund.

Customers seeking a refund, however, will need their original purchase receipt and will need to request their refund in Apple’s standard 14-day return window, AppleInsider reported. This means buyers as far back as Wednesday, 16 February, would be eligible.

Customers may also choose to return their iPad entirely. For the same original purchase price, those customers could wait for the iPad 2 to go on sale (it ships 25 March internationally), as the second-generation device has the same six price points as the first iPad.

Following yesterday’s iPad 2 announcement, Apple also updated its official accessories page for the iPad to feature products designed for the new tablet computer. Among them is a new dock made to fit the thinner iPad 2.