Apple Store closed across Europe – new products coming?

4 Nov 2010

Across Europe, Apple’s web stores have been down with a yellow sticky saying ‘We’ll be back soon!” This is the traditional sign that Apple is updating its products.

The time of year, of course, means Apple is getting ready for Christmas and readying its seasonal offerings. Latest products include the range of iPods, the iPhone 4, the new MacBook Air family and a reduced-price Mac mini family.

It could mean other things, too. The iOS 4.2 is due any day now, adding a host of new applications and potential to the iPhone and iPad platforms, including the ability to print anywhere with AirPrint.

At a recent event entitled ‘Back to the Mac’, Apple CEO Steve Jobs revealed a number of new software products, including iLife 11, iMovie 11 and a new version of GarageBand that teaches you how to play guitar, piano and other instruments. He also revealed Facetime on the Mac, as well as a new App Store specifically for Mac users.

Jobs also demonstrated the next version of Mac OS X – ‘Lion’ – which will come roaring into the technology world in summer 2011, featuring full-screen apps, gesture control and a snazzy new feature called Mission Control.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years