Internet ads disappear as Google’s DoubleClick goes down

12 Nov 2014

Google’s DoubleClick, a provider of online advertisement services for a wide variety of websites, went down earlier today, causing the disappearance of ads all over the web.

The problem appears to have been rectified, though Business Insider sources say the crash may have cost publishers across the world millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Siliconrepublic first noticed issues with DoubleClick around lunch time, as Twitter users began posting enquires as to why the internet appeared to be ad free. Other sites affected include The Wall Street Journal, and The Guardian.

DoubleClick acknowledged the problems via its own Twitter page before giving the system a clean bill of health at 4pm Irish time.

“Our team has worked quickly to fix the software bug,” the firm posted. “It’s now back up, so our publisher partners can return to funding their content.”

Laptop image via Shutterstock 

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic