Survey finds 97pc of Apple Watch owners are satisfied with device

20 Jul 2015

The Apple Watch may have baffled and bedazzled the public in equal measure since its release three months ago, but that lukewarm reception does not appear to have extended to those who actually bought the device.

A survey of Apple Watch owners conducted by Wristly and Tech.pinions has found that 97pc of respondents are happy with their purchase, with 66pc describing themselves as ‘very satisfied/delighted’ and 31pc ticking ‘somewhat satisfied’.

This actually means that the Apple Watch is enjoying a higher approval rating than the first generation iPhone and iPad, which scored 92pc and 91pc respectively. More than 1,000 people were profiled in this new survey, with 34pc said to be ‘tech insiders’ and 53pc ‘non-tech’ users.


Despite this approval, recent market data has found that sales of the Apple Watch have slumped 90pc since it launched in April. A June report estimated that 2.79m units had been sold in the aftermath of its release but this surge appears to have waned, with figures from Slice provided by MarketWatch finding that Apple is now selling fewer than 10,000 per day worldwide in some instances.

Two-thirds of these sales have come from the cheapest version of the wearable – the Apple Watch Sport – which clocks in at US$349, but its watch for the mega-rich – the Apple Watch Edition – has still managed to move 2,000 units despite its US$10,000-plus price-tag.


Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic