Dot-ie says: ‘this time, it’s personal’

31 Oct 2007

John Smith and Joe Bloggs can now register their very own personal domain name at Dot-ie from today as the IEDR (IE Domain Registry) changed the rules that originally allowed only certified businesses and organisations to obtain one.

Originally, in order to preserve the quality and consistency of the dot-ie domain only an organisation could occupy this domain but due to the recent growth in popularity of online communities like Facebook and Bebo as well as blogging, the IEDR has relaxed the rules as more Irish individuals are establishing an online presence.

In order to get, an individual must provide proof of their name with one of the following: an Irish passport, driver’s licence, revenue or social welfare document showing PPS number, birth certificate, marriage certificate or utility bill.

The cost of holding a Personal Domain Name (PDN) with dot-ie is €69 per year plus VAT but will vary across resellers, and it must be a valid combination of your first name or initial and surname.

PDNs have been introduced following “consultation with the dot-ie reseller community and industry organisations” and has allowed for a seven week period during which professionals, politicians, businesses and trademark holders who had not already done so can register their dot-ie name under existing non-personal domain groups.

David Curtin, Chief Executive of the IE Domain Registry said: “The IEDR is pleased to see the introduction of personal dot-ie domain names, which are being introduced following full consultation with the reseller and internet community

“To maintain the integrity of the dot-ie domain namespace, which was named the second safest country code domain name in the world, applicants will need to authenticate their claim by providing matching supporting documentation such as an Irish passport or utility bill.”

Interested individuals can go to to see if their personal name at dot-ie is available.

By Marie Boran