Energy costs top concern for Irish SMEs

21 Mar 2008

While energy costs are still the No 3 concern for Irish small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), according to a recent Small firms Association survey, this country still has the highest greenhouse gas emissions per GDP among the EU 15 members.

Limerick-based firm ResourceKraft said that an easy-to-follow energy management system is the key to energy saving in the workplace and to this end has launched ResourceKraft Advisor, a web-based energy management information system.

If Irish SMEs adopted initiatives like this, as well as implementing building improvements and peak demand reduction, it could benefit the Irish economy to the tune of €3.6bn, as well as reducing the nation’s carbon emissions by more than 6 billion tonnes, according to Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Eamon Ryan TD.

ResourceKraft monitors electricity, gas, oil and water usage from a web-based interface that requires no installation and can calculate ‘what if’ scenarios of actual usage against tariffs.

Technical director of ResourceKraft, Liam Relihan, said: “This is the solution for anyone who believes they have a problem with expensive electricity bills and energy wastage. The ResourceKraft Advisor is ideal for businesses that want to see quick results and quick savings. In other words, businesses that don’t want energy management to become a full-time job.”

“Energy waste is lost net profit, pure and simple. To make reductions, customers must first understand their energy usage,” said commercial director for ResourceKraft Advisor, Frank Casey.

Casey added that simple actions taken after monitoring your usage can cut energy costs by up to 10pc.

By Marie Boran