Irish UX company seals web deal with US telecoms giant Tektronix

6 Nov 2012

Morgan McKeagney, managing director, iQ Content

Dublin-headquartered user experience (UX) company iQ Content has struck a major deal to drive US telecoms player Tektronix’s new customer-focused website and information hub. iQ Content has grown from a €60,000 a year company to a €5m a year company in just 10 years.

Two weeks ago, iQ Content launched its first standalone product called Antenna, what it claims is the world’s first open-source mobile event listing platform.

In the past year, the company has delivered online and mobile strategies for Citi, Vodafone and Goodyear.

The deal with Tektronix marks its first deal for services in the US.

The new goal of the new site was to put potential telecoms stakeholders and its customers at the heart of a rich multimedia experience that showcases real-life solutions.

The site goes a step further by using video features and multimedia case studies, and social-engagement tools are included to help the company listen, learn and respond to customer insights.

“Our end-to-end positioning in the telecoms ecosystem means we are uniquely placed to offer overarching industry insight and vision in our space,” explained Tektronix’s vice-president of marketing Laurence Alexander.

“We wanted the site to harness this positioning and take advantage of the rich and valuable information we have to offer all players and stakeholders in and around our sector.

“This new website represents a major step in optimising our customer focus,” Alexander said, adding it is rare to find a business-to-business website in the telecoms industry that makes such efforts to engage with existing and future customers in a creative way.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years