Gigglebit: Love in the time of Tinder

16 Sep 2014

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Like any sector, technology has a serious side, and it is often issues within this serious side that make headlines or that organisations need to explore for their business. Malware! Data breaches! Cloud storage! Do I really need this software? Which candidate has the best IT skills for this job? And what the heck is fog computing?

With Gigglebit, we turn the spotlight on humorous and/or amazing content about science and tech, because sometimes the lighter side should be taken seriously, too.

The dating app Tinder is one of those 21st-century ideas that is either loved by its users for making online dating mainstream and more acceptable, or is reviled for seemingly making dating into nothing more than a competition based on looks.

Regardless, it’s made a name for itself and whether people admit to having it on their phone or not, it’s a phenomenon in its own right.

So how has it affected how we date and how do people now view the idea of a partner? Probably something like this …


Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic