The great tech divide – men vs women (infographic)

9 Aug 2012

More women (60pc) than men (54pc) use a computer at work, but of those that do have computers in the workplace, men (60pc) have the most internet access compared to women (48pc), reveals a new infographic that compares men’s and women’s use of technology.

The infographic created by PC site and published on provides facts and figures in several categories: online behaviour, computer workforce, gaming, smartphones, and online shopping.

For instance, when it comes to online behaviour, teenage girls are more socially active online than boys, but in the real world, more men (74pc) make up the global computing workforce than women.

In gaming, console ownership is fairly even between men and women, but women take the lead when it comes to online shopping, as 61.1pc of online purchases are made by the ladies. More men than women, however, dominate the shopping categories of music, auctions and computer hardware.


Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic