Cloud computing start-up to create 30 jobs

10 Sep 2009

A data centre and web-hosting industry veteran has a new cloud computing infrastructure service based out of Dublin’s Digital Hub.

Aidan McCarron’s new web infrastructure provider Dediserve has been launched with the aim of providing powered virtual solutions.

Dediserve plans to roll out a complete suite of additional enterprise products in the coming months, with the creation of 30 new jobs in technical and R&D departments over the next three years.

Dediserve has built its own custom web-based control panel that sits on the popular open source Xen technology.

This new web interface will allow users to quickly deploy mail, web, DNS and development environments using pre-installed application stacks in a matter of minutes.

Users can also take advantage of a custom-built cloud platform for quick and easy scalability and redundancy.

“In the current economic climate, SMEs are looking to reduce their web infrastructure costs without reducing the power, functionality and flexibility that a traditional dedicated server provides,” McCarron explained.

“By taking advantage of cloud computing technologies, we can offer a low-cost alternative to server ownership without compromising on quality or specification.”

Photo: Dediserve’s homepage.

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years