INEX traffic up 150pc

9 Feb 2006

The Irish Neutral Internet Exchange (INEX) has signed up five new member companies in a move that will increase members to 23 organisations. INEX says internet traffic through the exchange has increased by 150pc in the past year.

The new companies that have joined the association in recent weeks include E-net, the IEDR, ESB Telecoms, RTÉ , Blacknight Internet Solutions and Interfusion Networks. Both Blacknight and Interfusion have joined as full members of INEX and E-net, the IEDR, ESB Telecoms and RTE have joined as associate members.

INEX membership is open to all organisations that have a requirement to peer their IP traffic with reduced transit costs and increased performance being the two main benefits of connecting to the exchange.

The organisation is currently in talks with a number of other prospective member organisations from across the IP landscape including broadcasters, internet content and service providers, telecoms providers, hosting companies and VoIP service providers and details of additional new members are expected to be announced soon.

?In the past year, IP traffic over the exchange has increased by more than 150pc and with new members coming on board, we anticipate that this rate of increase will be surpassed in the coming months,? said Eileen Gallagher, marketing and membership development manager at INEX.

?Broadband take-up is the most significant driver of this traffic growth and with a growing number of providers, faster access speeds and broadband coverage throughout the country increasing day on day the role of INEX in the internet community in Ireland is set to become even more significant,? Gallagher added.

By John Kennedy