Setanta branches into Mobile 2.0 marketing business

11 Mar 2009

The Setanta Screens division of Setanta Sports has launched a new brand called iMobile, which acts as a one-stop shop for mobile marketing for businesses.

iMobile enables retailers and concert venues to deploy technology akin to the iPhone to the average user’s mobile handset.

The iMobile Apps division develops bespoke mobile apps that, when downloaded to customers’ phones, deliver services such as news, sports, weather, mapping, travel information, games, and video and audio downloads.

The service has been used at a number of events such as the Oxegen Music Festival, retail outlets and shopping centres, hubs, cafes and other venues.

The technology is downloadable from client websites, via GPRS, and can integrate with electronic point of sale (EPOS) systems, barcode ticketing, web interfaces and premium and standard SMS services.

“Our clients were crying out for something that builds genuine, long-term interaction with their customers,” said Ronan O’Kelly of iMobile.

“The day of sending simple and often unwanted messages are over, you might as well call it Mobile 2.0 because, from now on, every phone can have the interactivity and simplicity of an iPhone, without the cost. This is a world-beating service, and we are way ahead of the curve in terms of what we do.”

By John Kennedy

Pictured: with iMobile, Setanta Sports says every phone can have the interactivity and simplicity of an iPhone