YouGetItBack app to be deployed on Three’s mobile network

15 Mar 2012

A Cork firm’s technology that reunites owners with their lost or stolen smartphones and computers is to be deployed on mobile operator Three’s network as part of a deal with Pier Insurance Managed Services.

The and Pier service on the Three network, entitled Mobile Superhero, allows users to remotely lock their devices if its stolen or mislaid.

The technology has already been deployed in the US by consumer electronics giant Best Buy.

The technology locks the device and then helps to locate and recover the device.

The remotely activated and automatic-locking service immediately disables the mobile when triggered via a text from another phone or via the customer’s personal web-based vault. Once locked, the device “screams” an alert, even if the phone is on silent, not only deterring thieves but also enabling its quick location if misplaced nearby.

The only active screen on the locked device will be a message encouraging either its return to the rightful owner, to enter your pin or to call a representative of YouGetItBack.

A snapshot of the person using the phone at the time the alarm is triggered is taken to further deter any unauthorised usage and encourage the return of the mobile to its owner. The snapshot will automatically upload to the customer’s personal web-based vault.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years