Feelings clouded on the future of computing

19 Nov 2008

Irish firms are divided on cloud computing technology, with nearly half of executives (46pc) admitting they have no plan to deploy the technology in their organisations.

On the other side of the coin, some 44pc are either already using cloud-based applications or plan to do so in 2009, the Citrix study found.

Of those embracing cloud computing, nearly 11pc currently use it across the organisation, 22pc are using it in specific departments and 11pc hope to start using it in the next year.

Future Human

Citrix launched the Citrix Cloud Centre product family in September.

“Cloud computing has the potential to deliver a wide range of applications and data to the distributed workforce at low cost, and we expect it to be adopted further in the future,” explained Chris Mayers, chief security architect, Citrix UK & Ireland.

“We would like to see further compatibility in the cloud and an increased focus on service level agreements. Our recently announced Citrix Cloud Centre and Project Kensho project highlights our commitment to interoperability for virtualisation, while maximising price/performance and richness of features at the virtual infrastructure level.”

The study also found that the majority (82pc) of Irish IT decision-makers believe there are some risks associated with cloud computing, with some 22pc anxious about security.

Problems with lack of bandwidth is a concern for 22pc of respondents, and the same number again agreed it could cause issues for IT management and governance.

Some 16pc are worried about loss of control of data.

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years