Paul McCartney’s work to be made into digital library via private cloud

22 Sep 2010

HP and McCartney Productions Limited (MPL) have entered an agreement to digitise and deliver the library of Paul McCartney via a private cloud.

McCartney’s library includes images, artwork, paintings, film, videos and masters of some of his most popular songs.

Under the agreement, HP will work closely with MPL to digitise material and build a content management system through a private cloud environment.

Portions of the library will be available to fans so they can have a glimpse into McCartney’s work.

“I’ve always been interested in creative ideas and new ways of reaching people, so this is a really exciting initiative for me,” said McCartney.

“I hope it will allow people who might be interested to access parts of our archives they might otherwise not be able to. I’m looking forward to working with HP on this project.”

This marks the first agreement that involves HP working with an artist in this way.

The library hopes to preserve the history of one of the most iconic musicians for future generations.

“Paul McCartney has always been a trendsetter in the music industry and HP has been at the forefront of technology innovation,” said Tom Hogan, executive vice-president of Sales, Marketing and Strategy, Enterprise Business at HP.

“We are proud that he turned to HP as a trusted partner to help him preserve his legacy and set a new vision for the industry.”