Motorola and Sony launch rival mid-range smartphones Moto E and Xperia E4g

25 Feb 2015

The Moto E (left) and Xperia E4g

The affordable, modestly priced smartphone market is by far the most competitive, with two new products just announced.

Motorola’s Moto E and Sony’s Xperia E4g have been released this week and it looks like they’re targeting very similar demographics of buyers.

We’ve yet to get our hands on the products but judging by the specs, there’s not a whole lot to choose between them, although Sony does seem to edge it.

Both 4G LTE ready, both enjoying decent cameras, both with 4.7in displays and both hosting fine battery lifetimes – although the E4g’s two-day battery life looks pretty exceptional, as is usual for Sony products – these low-cost smartphones could prove quite popular.

Indeed Sony released the E4 not long ago, with this E4g differentiated by its 4G LTE capabilities.

Moto E

Motorola’s new Moto E

Elsewhere the camera specs are quite good and pretty much identical (5-megapixel main and 2-megapixel front-facing one), with Moto E’s handy ‘selfie friendly’ addition of allowing users to twist their wrist to change camera without having to touch the screen a nice advantage.

Motorola’s devices do offer more variations with regards colours, with Sony’s coming in just black or white. While the Moto E’s use of Lollipop is quite cool, Sony’s use of icons on its home page does look impressive, again.

Either way there does seem to be something for most mid-range and entry-level smartphoners, with the Xperia E4g primed for those switching phones, and the Moto E for those buying their first ever device.

Xperia E4g

Sony’s Xperia E4g

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic