Online and Mobile Content

21 Oct 2010

The three screens – smartphone, PC and TV – will dominate the future of content creation.

At last year’s AVF annual conference, George Stormeyer, vice-president and head of video for Europe at Cisco, told the audience that more than 10 million to 14 million new households are moving towards internet TV, and more and more people watch TV and video on their PCs in bed and increasingly on their mobile phones.

“(The year) 2010 will see the increasing dominance of internet video, which people will watch either on their PCs or on their TVs. By 2012, 50pc of all internet traffic will be video, requiring a fundamental transformation in existing networks,” Stormeyer said.

The second session at the 2010 AVF conference on 18 November will focus on the dilemma content creators face in terms of not only grasping the opportunities of a content-hungry age, but also battling issues like copyright breaches.

“The whole convergence between digital broadcasting and mobile technology is driving new markets and the tsunami in terms of connected devices all signal a bright future for TV and recorded content.

“TV providers like the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 are taking the convergence very seriously and we wait with anticipation the implications of Project Canvas,” said Tommy McCabe, director of the AVF.

“Connected TV will bring video-on-demand and web applications to the living room,” he said.

I put it to McCabe that with the impending switch-off of analogue TV in Ireland in 2012, the opportunities for local content creators because of the extra channels will be significant.

“The world is going digital and the onset of digital TV in Ireland will be accelerated by the analogue switchoff, resulting in much more choices in terms of channels and interactive services. Users can browse for films and download them and interactive TV and the world of social media will create a tantalising opportunity,” he said.


George Stormeyer, vice-president and head of video for Europe at Cisco; Ronan Harris, managing director of online sales for EMEA at Google; and Tommy McCabe, director of the Audiovisual Federation, were among the participants at the ‘Explosion in Digital Content Conference’ in Dublin last year

Session 2: Online and Mobile Content

Session chair: 

Andrew Lowe, Director, Element Pictures and AF Chair


Karl Aherne, New business and innovation manger, Telefónica O2 Ireland

Mark Coan, Sales and marketing director, UPC Ireland

Sebastien Missoffe, Director for YouTube, EMEA Online Sales and Operations, Google


Damien Farrell, Creative director, Caboom

Múirne Laffan, Executive director, RTÉ Publishing