Yahoo! to launch web show for tech investors

10 Dec 2007

Silicon Valley venture capitalists and tech-savvy investors are rubbing their hands in anticipation as Yahoo! plans to unveil an all-new web programme beginning in January 2008: TechTicker.

TechTicker is dedicated to technology-related finances and will provide a combination of live streaming reports as well as daily blog posts and breaking news that will only focus on tech stocks and investment.

However, this is not Yahoo!’s first venture into an online finance channel. In 2000 the web company launched FinanceVision, a CNBC-like channel with finance-related reportage. The channel failed to take off and with ailing advertising it finally folded in 2002.

While a combination of intrusive advertising and limited internet speeds impeded the spread of online video, newer advertising models and the near ubiquity of broadband, coupled with the success of video-sharing sites such as YouTube heralds a more willing consumer base this time around.

Although the list of presenters for this new show have not been finalised, it is rumoured that Henry Blodget, the editor in chief of tech news site Silicon Alley Insider along with BusinessWeek columnist Sarah Lacy and CNBC analyst Paul Kedrosky, are part of the staff line-up, according to The New York Times.

Currently Yahoo! Finance is one of the top web destinations for financial news and analysis.

By Marie Boran