Mapflow signs €15m deal with BT Wholesale

12 Oct 2005

Dublin-based software firm Mapflow has signed a contract with BT Wholesale, which will see the telecoms giant selling Mapflow’s products and services on a global basis. The deal is expected to be worth more than €15m over the life of the contract.

BT Wholesale will offer Mapflow’s LocationAgent platform as a managed service to mobile operators and internet service providers, allowing them to brand the product as their own.

The software allows organisations to track the position of remote workers or vehicles on an online map and compare their current position with locations such as customer delivery addresses. Users of the service are able to register to receive alerts based on specific business relevant events, for example, when the delivery person approaches or leaves a given destination. This leads to greater efficiency and better service as customers can be kept informed about expected delivery times.

LocationAgent also allows employers to provide a greater level of safety for employees working alone by providing an alert function which, when activated by the lone worker, sends an SMS message direct to a colleague or to a monitoring centre. The colleague or monitoring centre can then decide the appropriate response to assist the employee – such as calling the emergency services.

Andrew Tipping, general manager, BT contact venture, BT Wholesale said: “The creation of a location-based service offering allows BT to meet the rising demand from large organisations, SMEs and consumers for location-based services.”

Richard Bryce, Mapflow CEO, said: “Through BT, the practical benefits of LocationAgent will be made available to a worldwide market of mainstream business users. This will clearly boost our global presence and significantly accelerate our business as the location-based services market takes off.”

By Brian Skelly