The Leaders’ Room: Passing the baton with Qualtrics’ Vicky Godolphin

31 May 2024

Vicky Godolphin, Qualtrics. Image: Connor McKenna/

In the latest episode of the podcast, we speak to Qualtrics’ Ireland lead, Vicky Godolphin, about how good leadership is less about titles than behaviours. The series has been created in partnership with IDA Ireland.

Each fortnight, The Leaders’ Room podcast sees host Ann O’Dea get up close and personal with the Irish-based leaders of some of the world’s leading technology, health-tech, finance and engineering companies with operations in Ireland.

As well as getting their insights on the nature of good leadership, the series also gets their expert views on the trends that are shaping their sectors. Previous episodes include Dexcom’s Barry Regan, IBM’s Deborah Threadgold and Fiserv’s Katia Karpova and have learned several valuable lessons in leadership

In the latest episode of the podcast, O’Dea chats with Vicky Godolphin, head of customer success for Qualtrics EMEA, and lead of the Dublin HQ.

Throughout this season, we’ve heard from leaders who were influenced by their mentors and managers, and in this episode we discuss how leaders can, in turn, influence the next generation of leaders.

Qualtrics is a global experience management company with a presence in Ireland since 2013 when it opened its first office outside the USA here. In 2023 it officially opened its new EMEA headquarters in Dublin, and includes Qualtrics’ experience management innovation centre that will focus mainly on AI.

The centre aims to leverage the existing engineering team to work on projects in areas such as machine learning and natural language processing technologies. It’s a topic discussed in this episode. Also tackled were issues like post-pandemic work practices and leading with openness and vulnerability.

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