Earl the Grumpy Puppy or Tonkey Bear: choose your post Bank Holiday spirit animal

4 Aug 2015

Are you having a Grumpy Puppy day or a Tonkey Bear day?

After the excesses of a three-day weekend, ease yourself back into working life by weighing up the merits of the internet’s latest canine celebrities.

Last week, the disgruntled-animal-meme-of-choice title was wrenched from Grumpy Cat’s paws and bequeathed unto Earl the Grumpy Puppy.

Earl just so happens to be a puggle, a perfect blend of two internet-beloved dog breeds: pug and beagle. This, coupled with his expressive, dour face made online fame inevitable.

It started – as many memes do – with a photo submission to Reddit. Before the day was out, Earl the Grumpy Puppy had his very own subreddit. Fans of Earl’s can also follow him on Instagram and Facebook, as thousands already have.

6 signs you’re having an Earl the Grumpy Puppy day

If your Bank Holiday weekend ended with you falling asleep on the couch, you were setting yourself up for a bad Tuesday morning.

Earl the Grumpy Puppy

And then breakfast – the most important meal of the day – was ruined.

Earl the Grumpy Puppy

At work, you object to perfectly reasonable requests from your colleagues.

Earl the Grumpy Puppy

And meant-to-be-motivational aphorisms are doing nothing for you.

Earl the Grumpy Puppy

You’re having such a bad day, you’ve restarted bad habits.

Earl the Grumpy Puppy

Nothing good can come of today, and you start to think you should have just stayed at home and had a duvet day.

6 tips for a Tonkey Bear kind of day

Tonkey Bear is a four-month-old rare bear-coat Shar Pei from Edmonton, Canada who has become the internet’s living breathing teddy-bear. Tonkey Bear’s fluffy good looks have earned her a place in our hearts, and our Instagram and Twitter feeds. Of course, to look as good as Tonkey, you need your beauty sleep.

A little nappie before bedtime ???. . #naptime #with #bestie #MaxandTonkey . *snores louder than laundry machine* A video posted by Tonkey Bear (@bearcoat_tonkey) on

And, sure, you still might wake up sleepy after a Bank Holiday, but it’s no big deal.

You can just refresh yourself with a nice shower.

Tonkey Bear

And relax on your stress-free commute.

Tonkey Bear

Be sure to get out for some fresh air when you’re feeling a dip at lunchtime.

Tonkey Bear

And, though the day might be a bit of a struggle, don’t be afraid of the challenge.

Tonkey Bear


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